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After 10 years…

I’ve been working off and on with the blood type diet for over 10 years now.  In all that time I’ve always stated that I’m not affiliated with D’Adamo and that I just use their information.

Not anymore… lol

I found out they have an affiliate program.  Pretty Cool, eh? 😀

Simply purchasing items from them through my link gives you the same prices and benefits of purchasing from them directly.

  • Your order is processed by them, so I never drop the ball for you.
  • The prices you pay are exactly the same as always.
  • No mlm or pyramid schemes or anything… I simply get a small fee for each purchase I send their way.
  • You end up helping a small family survive in the mountains. (Jobs are as rare as an honest politician!)

That’s it!  Pretty simple, eh?

The blood type diet information has literally changed my life. I certainly hope you implement it in your own life… so you can experience this too! 🙂

Keep it Clean! 😀

A Clean Shot of Espresso… Oh Yeah!

A good cup of espresso is sweet, creamy and delicious, with a smooth caffeine kick to it… a bad cup of espresso will ruin your whole day with too much acid and give you an upset stomach and the jitters.

The A blood type can benefit from a bit of coffee now and again… so I usually have a cup or two too many.  The acid helps with digestion and it’s not too terrible on the body… in small amounts.

I spent a couple months as a barista last year and learned how to make divine espresso.  Took me a ton of videos and nearly 2 months of practice. (those poor customers.)  End result?  I now know what a superb cup of espresso looks and tastes like… and how to make one occasionally.

Here’s a double shot of espresso that I pulled using a Krups 4030 espresso machine. My wife picked it up for a few dollars at the thrift shop (thanks to whoever donated it!).  Unlike the smaller models, this Krups is an actual espresso machine with a pump… and not just a steamer toy. 🙂

Doesn’t that look just tasty?  I’m sipping it now with soymilk and it’s delicious. 🙂

Anyone interested in how to grind and pack this machine for a shot like that?
Keep it Clean! 😀

Azadirachtin Burned Me Again…

Sucks to be sitting here looking at bud that isn’t dry.  I had to go source some a few days ago, to span the gap. (I currently have a very small flower room) I can’t stand speed-dried cannabis but in retro-spect I guess I should have bit the bullet. lol

The local dispensaries are not an option… truly disgusting stuff they have going there, so I go to the trouble of tracking down another grower that says they grow cleanly.  I should know better.

I’ll admit, they most likely used the azadirachtin product -before- flowering the plants… in the end it doesn’t matter.  After 6 bowls through the bong, it was undeniable that a growing taste/feel of azadiractin carrier oil was present.  A few more bowls and other tokers were able to notice it as well.  How sad. 😦

I know plenty of growers that believe “there’s nothing left at harvest, when I spray in veg” and that’s just not correct.  The residual is below your threshold of detection… yes.  People who medicate 24/7 like I do have serious issues with the bio accumulation of azadirachtin that they don’t notice.

I have yet to try it… I want to treat a mum with an azadiractin product, about 5ml/gallon, in a root drench.  Then take cuttings, root them and flower them out.  I want to see just how long term this is and how much you have to grow a plant out for me not to notice it.  Even then I’m leaning toward just eliminating it as an option completely.

At this point… if I ever get mites again… I’m considering just tearing down and bombing the room a couple times.  It really pays to keep the room clean and minimize contact with potential infection sources during flower runs.

Only a few more days left anyway…

Keep it Clean!

Medicinal Cannabis…?

There was a time when I would have laughed when the word ‘medicinal’ and ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana’ were used in the same sentence.
I even know a lot of people who still laugh.  Well I, for one, am not laughing anymore… at least not at the idea of ‘medicinal cannabis‘. lol   Cannabis, and the simple preparations I make with it, have replaced everything in my medicine cabinet.  No more cough syrups, cold-tablets, tylenol, aspirin, burn/cut cremes and ointments… no Rx of any kind, not even pain killers for a very painful birth defect.  Cannabis has replaced everything.

Butter for Burns?
Some of you may remember a time when ‘butter’ was what you smeared on your skin when you burned yourself.  Some of you may remember the time when the information came around that ‘butter’, because it was made of oils/fats, was bad to put on a burn.  Still fewer of you may remember a time before all that when that ‘butter’ was actually ‘canna-butter’ and that it worked wonders on burns… far superior to any commercial burn product available today.
Information drift due to propaganda pressures?

Holy Anointing Oil (HAO)
Nothing off the shelf or Rx even comes close to Holy Anointing Oil.  A mixture of olive oil, cinnamon oils, cannabis oils and mhyrr gum… this ancient recipe speeds healing at a fantastic rate. (referenced in the bible of all places. Non-priests who made it or used it were to be kicked out of the tribe.)   Sliced your finger almost to the bone?  Slather it with HAO and slap a bandaid on it… leave it on for 3 days and then refresh with a new bandage and HAO.  Repeat for about 2 weeks.  The cut will usually be closed by the 3rd day.  Within 7-10 days it’ll become a white line and you’ll be able to flick it with a finger without too much pain.  Two weeks and you almost won’t remember you’d cut it.
Rub it on muscles or joints with pain and the pain will go away within minutes and stay away for several hours.  The pain from burns goes away almost instantly and the speed your skin heals is remarkable.  Arthritis joints reduce their swelling and they’ll work more freely and without pain for several hours.
HAO is a powerful antibiotic and wipes out infections fast.  HAO restores circulation to the limbs it’s rubbed on and slathering it on a diabetic sore will allow the skin to heal within weeks, even when all Rx solutions have failed.  Did you know that ‘Doctors’ are still amputating the hands and feet of diabetics?  When their Rx potions and medical incantations fail, the sore becomes gangrenous and they cut it off the poor patient.  How barbaric!

if you’ve done any research into cannabis at all (and sometimes even if you haven’t) you’ll be well familiar with Tetra-Hydra-Cannabinol(THC).  THC has had a huge fuss made about it by prohibitionists and cannabis activists alike since it’s discovery.  Research has found it to be medicinally beneficial in many ways, yet much more so when combined with the other cannabinoids and turpenes that cannabis produces during flower.  As it turns out, THC is only part of the equation we call medicinal cannabis.  Marinol, a synthetic copy of THC, is practically useless when used by itself and vastly inferior to using a naturally derived, whole plant extract.

There are a number of other cannabinoids and turpenes that cannabis plants produce besides THC.  Each of these are turning out to have their own roles in the processes that boost the human immune system and speed healing in various parts of the body.  Even the turpenes (scent and flavor molecules) that cannabis plants produce are being researched and they all seem to affect different parts of the brain and body as well.

the new buzzword in the medical cannabis circles, at least for those in the know, stands for Cannabidiol.  CBD throttles the effect of THC by counteracting the psychotropic effects of THC.  (The ‘high’ or ‘stone’ people expect to get these days from cannabis use.)  The pressures of prohibition have had drastic effects on commercial cannabis genetics… making them more suitable for inebriation than making medication.  Most commercial cannabis will still produce very effective healing preparations… on the other hand, high CBD cannabis will make far superior healing preparations.
Commercial cannabis has experienced great pressures on it’s gene pool to stay alive alongside prohibition.  In many parts of the world, cannabis must be grown indoor to escape detection; indoor cultivation requires electricity and floor space (among other things) and these are expensive.  These pressures have pushed growers and breeders to focus on strains of cannabis that produce as much cannabis per square foot as possible; this means focusing on strains that are indica and hybrids that are indica-dominant (Approx 2 months flowering time and heavy yielding).  Indica has it’s place and there are people who need it… many more are unable to handle the spacey/stoney and other side effects.  In my experience there is a much greater percentage of the population that require sativa and sativa dominant cannabinoids(10-18 week flowering time and low yield).
The other main pressure is the push for cannabis that gets you super high or super stoned…
An unknown (unknown during the last several decades of breeding) effect of naturally selecting for super potent cannabis is that the chosen strains will generally have the least amount of CBD.
The greater the CBD content in the strain, the greater the throttling effect it has on the THC… strains that have a higher CBD than THC produce little, if any, high or stone.  A strain of cannabis that is super potent with CBD and very little THC will produce no high or stone at all and will even (if the CBD is a high enough percentage and the TCH is almost non-existent) make stoned and high people sober if they use it.

Cannabis Today
At the time this was written (2013), most commercial strains of cannabis produce less than 3% CBD… with most coming in at around 1%. These strains with that 1-3% CBD (and often up to 15% or more THC) are being referred to as having a “high” CBD content.  Only recently has there been focus on producing cannabis strains with a higher CBD than THC content, producing cannabis that is medicinal… without the high or stone.
These medicinal strains are more effective at pain control, mood control, reducing inflammation and blood pressure issues, removing anxiety, increasing memory and focus… the list goes on.  In short, truly ‘Medicinal’ cannabis has no unhealthy side effects while being safer and more effective than any Rx on the shelves.
Cannabis is so safe that you can eat massive amounts of concentrated cannabis and you’ll simply pass out until your body processes the cannabinoids.  (Caution: Large doses of cannabis that don’t make you pass out can cause anxiety and panic attacks, especially if the strain used is low in CBD. You will not die, though you will definitely feel like that’s what’s happening. When medicating internally, start with tiny amounts and slowly work your way up to a slightly larger dose, over a few days/weeks time.  This is especially true if you’ve never used cannabis before.  Go slow, be patient and you will reap the rewards. 🙂

I firmly believe that cannabis can be regarded as one of THE most medicinal plants on the face of the planet.

Personal Experience?
I just started medicating with Harlequin about 5 days ago.  This clone-only strain is 8% CBD and only 6% THC.  Normally I’m unable to read even a few words of text in a car without having nausea issues.  2 days ago I was able to read and respond to a text on my phone with only a tiny passing twinge of nausea.  WOW!  I cannot recall ever being able to do that, though I do remember all of our cars smelling like puke as a child.  Absolutely amazing!

I can medicate till my head is clear and I’m not high or buzzed or stoned in the slightest.  The list of benefits besides anti-nausea go on and on… I’m saving those for another post though. 😉

Keep it Clean!