Azadirachtin Burned Me Again…

Sucks to be sitting here looking at bud that isn’t dry.  I had to go source some a few days ago, to span the gap. (I currently have a very small flower room) I can’t stand speed-dried cannabis but in retro-spect I guess I should have bit the bullet. lol

The local dispensaries are not an option… truly disgusting stuff they have going there, so I go to the trouble of tracking down another grower that says they grow cleanly.  I should know better.

I’ll admit, they most likely used the azadirachtin product -before- flowering the plants… in the end it doesn’t matter.  After 6 bowls through the bong, it was undeniable that a growing taste/feel of azadiractin carrier oil was present.  A few more bowls and other tokers were able to notice it as well.  How sad. 😦

I know plenty of growers that believe “there’s nothing left at harvest, when I spray in veg” and that’s just not correct.  The residual is below your threshold of detection… yes.  People who medicate 24/7 like I do have serious issues with the bio accumulation of azadirachtin that they don’t notice.

I have yet to try it… I want to treat a mum with an azadiractin product, about 5ml/gallon, in a root drench.  Then take cuttings, root them and flower them out.  I want to see just how long term this is and how much you have to grow a plant out for me not to notice it.  Even then I’m leaning toward just eliminating it as an option completely.

At this point… if I ever get mites again… I’m considering just tearing down and bombing the room a couple times.  It really pays to keep the room clean and minimize contact with potential infection sources during flower runs.

Only a few more days left anyway…

Keep it Clean!


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