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Cannabis is Non-Addictive… Period!

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This guy’s game is NOT clean…

How many people do you know that will talk about a subject… even when they’re ignorant about it?

The following quote is regarding the recent announcement of the feds that they won’t go after cannabis users in states that set up their own regulatory controls.

Quoted from Yahoo News
Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police union, was disappointed with the Justice Department’s decision, but said that he had already reached out to set up meetings to talk with leadership in the department and he was “open to discussion” about the benefits. “I would tell you that certainly the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers oppose legalization,” he said, “but that is not to say that we’re not willing to have a conversation about it. It is, from our perspective, a gateway drug and opinions to the contrary don’t have the weight of fact behind them.

Ignorant of the facts of cannabis

Jim Pasco, Fraternal Order of Police

Jim Pasco… You should be ashamed of yourself!  Your ‘perspective’ operates from a deep corner of ignorance on this subject. The only ‘Gateway’ that exists here is the fact that sourcing cannabis is mainly done through the black market.  The Black Market (which only exists because of prohibition) is the F’n gateway here.

Cannabis, in reality, is what’s referred to as an EXIT DRUG… go look it up.  Millions of posts online from ex opiate, alcohol and other addictive drug users that used cannabis to break their addiction.  The truth is there for anyone to read, hear and experience for themselves.  Only those without an open mind will be unable to change the state of their ignorance.

Anyone who is against cannabis… is ignorant of the facts on the subject.  “Opinions to the the contrary don’t have the weight of fact behind them… they have the weight of a gun.”

Keep it Clean! 😀

Azadirachtin Burned Me Again…

Sucks to be sitting here looking at bud that isn’t dry.  I had to go source some a few days ago, to span the gap. (I currently have a very small flower room) I can’t stand speed-dried cannabis but in retro-spect I guess I should have bit the bullet. lol

The local dispensaries are not an option… truly disgusting stuff they have going there, so I go to the trouble of tracking down another grower that says they grow cleanly.  I should know better.

I’ll admit, they most likely used the azadirachtin product -before- flowering the plants… in the end it doesn’t matter.  After 6 bowls through the bong, it was undeniable that a growing taste/feel of azadiractin carrier oil was present.  A few more bowls and other tokers were able to notice it as well.  How sad. 😦

I know plenty of growers that believe “there’s nothing left at harvest, when I spray in veg” and that’s just not correct.  The residual is below your threshold of detection… yes.  People who medicate 24/7 like I do have serious issues with the bio accumulation of azadirachtin that they don’t notice.

I have yet to try it… I want to treat a mum with an azadiractin product, about 5ml/gallon, in a root drench.  Then take cuttings, root them and flower them out.  I want to see just how long term this is and how much you have to grow a plant out for me not to notice it.  Even then I’m leaning toward just eliminating it as an option completely.

At this point… if I ever get mites again… I’m considering just tearing down and bombing the room a couple times.  It really pays to keep the room clean and minimize contact with potential infection sources during flower runs.

Only a few more days left anyway…

Keep it Clean!