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So… You’re Eating for Your Blood Type?

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After 10 years…

I’ve been working off and on with the blood type diet for over 10 years now.  In all that time I’ve always stated that I’m not affiliated with D’Adamo and that I just use their information.

Not anymore… lol

I found out they have an affiliate program.  Pretty Cool, eh? 😀

Simply purchasing items from them through my link gives you the same prices and benefits of purchasing from them directly.

  • Your order is processed by them, so I never drop the ball for you.
  • The prices you pay are exactly the same as always.
  • No mlm or pyramid schemes or anything… I simply get a small fee for each purchase I send their way.
  • You end up helping a small family survive in the mountains. (Jobs are as rare as an honest politician!)

That’s it!  Pretty simple, eh?

The blood type diet information has literally changed my life. I certainly hope you implement it in your own life… so you can experience this too! 🙂

Keep it Clean! 😀