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Why Espresso is so Expensive…

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A Clean Shot of Espresso… Oh Yeah!

A good cup of espresso is sweet, creamy and delicious, with a smooth caffeine kick to it… a bad cup of espresso will ruin your whole day with too much acid and give you an upset stomach and the jitters.

The A blood type can benefit from a bit of coffee now and again… so I usually have a cup or two too many.  The acid helps with digestion and it’s not too terrible on the body… in small amounts.

I spent a couple months as a barista last year and learned how to make divine espresso.  Took me a ton of videos and nearly 2 months of practice. (those poor customers.)  End result?  I now know what a superb cup of espresso looks and tastes like… and how to make one occasionally.

Here’s a double shot of espresso that I pulled using a Krups 4030 espresso machine. My wife picked it up for a few dollars at the thrift shop (thanks to whoever donated it!).  Unlike the smaller models, this Krups is an actual espresso machine with a pump… and not just a steamer toy. 🙂

Doesn’t that look just tasty?  I’m sipping it now with soymilk and it’s delicious. 🙂

Anyone interested in how to grind and pack this machine for a shot like that?
Keep it Clean! 😀