Why This Blog?

My Family is #1

I, and my small happy family, live at high altitude… Approximately 10,000 feet up (2 miles above sea level) in the Rocky Mountains.  The jobs are few (this blog is a minor support system for my family), the people are fewer and nature is fierce.

It hits -50F here… every year without fail, usually several times each winter.  Most people who move here end up leaving after the first winter.  The summer is short and muddy and it’s not uncommon to have snow in early June or late August… the beginning and end of our summers here.  It’s an amazingly beautiful spot on the planet and it comes with its own challenges and rewards.  We absolutely love it here.

We’ve Chased Down Truths…

My wife and I have been chasing a healthy mind, body and medicine for nearly 12 years now.  We’ve been using the Blood Type Diet information from the D’Adamo Team for almost 10 years.  My education in cannabis began over 10 years ago and I’ve spent 5 years researching the medicinal end of that field.

Along the way we’ve found valuable information on the mind and about life itself.  Some of it has come in the form of books, others from courses we’ve taken and the remainder has come from people around us and our own experiences.

We Want to Share the Great Stuff!

This blog is meant to put these pieces of information where you, the most important person in your universe, can find and utilize them.  I tend to post, then edit a few times over a few hours to perhaps weeks, so don’t count any new posts as finished for a while.  These topics and sources of information have dramatically changed our lives, as well as immensely improved our enjoyment of daily life.  We want everyone to experience these things and so our goal is to spread the information far and wide.

I only hope the way I present it is not confusing… and that the information helps you as much as has us.

Keep it Clean! 😀

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